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Welcome to the Chippewa Flowage

The Fall Season on the Chippewa Flowage and area is where you want to be for fishing, fall color tour, a break from a busy schedule at home and work, a time with girlfriend/spouse/fishing buddy/a son/a daughter or just go "up north" for a long week end.

Fall is the wonder of color change in our forests and the migration of birds is a sight to enjoy. These are moments that must be experienced - - - join us on the Chippewa Flowage.

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As the daylight time becomes shorter, we begin to sense a shift in wind and the approaching fronts from the West----the Loons, local Canadian Geese, our Whitetail deer Black Bear, summer birds, Red Squirrels, Chipmunks, and many other home creatures are already in a sense of urgency-prepare for the inevitable change in weather and cold conditions that will decade upon the Flowage and area in the months ahead.

Musky fishing has shifted to a pattern for lake water turn-over, very cold water, strong northwest winds, dropping weeds, a increasing lake level and unpredictable dice weather - - - anglers know how to deal with the elements and dream about the potential for a fish of a lifetime.

Crappies are on the wood structure, schooled up, around planted fish cribs, and are feeding----the "slab crappie" is yours for the taking. Walleye fishing has been terrific all summer on the Chippewa Flowage----anglers followed a pattern of weed development, near deep water drop offs, and a search and find/catch mode. The fall pattern will be similar except; go deeper, locate fish on the bottom structure, use larger live bait, fish mid lake deep water humps, and be patient on the set before the hook set.

Be somewhere this Fall Season----come join us on the Chippewa Flowage and area!!

Thinking about snowmobiling yet?

2016 Musky Hunt concluded

Musky Hunt Results

PlaceNameCity/StateDateWhere CaughtLengthLure
1 Josh Justman LaValle, WI 9/9/2016 Milwaukee Bay 50.50 FireTiger Double Cowgirl
2 Daniel Seibert Hayward, WI 9/9/2016 Scott Lake 45.50 Black Creeper
3 Jon Rak Chicago, IL 9/9/2016 Deerfoot Bog 44.50 Orange.Blk Flowage Boa
4 Dave Jenkins Winter, WI 9/10/2016 West Side Big Timber 43.75 Black Turbo Turd
5 Keith Yanke Louisville, KY 9/10/2016 Minnesota Bay 43.25 Super Double Black Cowgirl
6 Doug Hardy Chicago, IL 9/9/2016 Rudys 42.50 Black Stillwater
7 Jim Isaacson Cadott, WI 9/8/2016 Birch Island 42.00 Grn/Blk JanneyTail
8 Rusty Kiser Juda, WI 9/10/2016 Moss Creek 41.50 Gold Sucker Phantom
9 Jay Stortcum Champain, IL 9/10/2016 Scott Lake 41.25 Black Creeper
10 Rick Drontle Golden Valley, MN 9/10/2016 Big Banana 41.00 Orange Bucktail
Jim Baker Byron, IL 9/8/2016 Baumgartens 40.50 Gold Sucker Phantom
John Imm Altoona, WI 9/9/2016 Eagle Island 40.50 Blk/Grn Metz Musky Killer
Tim Otatik Ashland, WI 9/9/2016 Petes Bar 40.50 Inhaler: Gold & Black
Brian Strouss Jenseo, IL 9/10/2016 Crane Creek 40.50 Blk/grn Musky Stalker
Bob Bjornton Punta Gorda, FL 9/8/2016 Rudys 40.25 Blk/Grn Bucktail
Robert Popp Greenville, WI 9/10/2016 Cedar Tops 39.75 Black on Black Spinner
Chad Popp Dixie, OK 9/10/2016 Minnesota Bay 39.75 Black Bucktail
Mike Ostrowski Oak Creek, WI 9/8/2016 Moores Bay 39.00 Black Suick
Randy Maas Brownsville, WI 9/8/2016 Scott Lake 39.00 Orange Hogwobbler
Butch Kahler Chandler, AZ 9/10/2016 Cedar Tops 39.00 Grn/Blk Rabid Squirrel
Ernie Thieding McFarland, WI 9/8/2016 Popple Island 38.00 Gold/Brown Top Raider
Ernie Thieding McFarland, WI 9/9/2016 Baumgartens Bar 38.00 Gold/Brown Top Raider
Mike Hoppe Waukesha, WI 9/10/2016 Moores Bay 38.00 Green Bucktail
Doug Hardy West Chicago, IL 9/10/2016 MK Bar 38.00 Green/Black Cowgirl
Rick Drontle Golden Valley, MN 9/9/2016 Big Banana 37.00 Orange BucherTail
Dave Elbert Cadott, WI 9/10/2016 Milwaukee Bay 36.25 Chart. Bucker Tail
Royce Schulz Fosston, MN 9/8/2016 Kindergarten 36.00 Orange Topper
Gary Holbech Milwaukee, WI 9/8/2016 Musky Bay 36.00 Black Tallywacker
John Osterhaus Eastman, WI 9/8/2016 Moores Bay 35.25 Perch Colored Vexar
Dennis Clagett Hayward, WI 9/8/2016 Petes Bar 35.00 Blk/Grn Janneytail
Jerry Mannigel Hayward, WI 9/10/2016 Dun Rovin 34.00 Gold Ghost Tail

The fish locations on the map above are not accurate. They are approximated based on the reporting shown in the above chart. If you have a more accurate location please send GPS coordinates to

You can use this tool to get gps coordinates

Outdoor Reports

Musky Season is Closed

Just waiting for ice now

Challenging conditions

But not a lot of competition!

It's Fall - It's Musky Time!

WDNR Fisheries Report

Cooler weather positively affects fishing

DNR Fisheries Report


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Fishing Report

Date: 2016-11-18


Walleye fishing has not been very active as of late as the water temperatures have been constant in the low 50s and high 40s. But now, with weather getting colder, you may be tempted to take a trip up for the last few weeks of November to try to snag a few deep water Walleyes--particularly on Round Lake. Walleye suckers are definitely the way to go in the coming weeks.


Musky action has been solid and shallow. Most Muskies caught have been in shallower areas bordering the river channels--particularly those areas with a lot of stumps. Live bait has been very good, but given that sucker availability has been low now that the end of the season is here, glide baits and jerk baits have still been producing results.


Crappie fishing has been a real dud this fall for most folks. They are schooled up, but their activity is very limited, if there is any activity at all. With water temperatures dropping, that has the chance of changing, however.


Bass fishing on the Flowage has not been reported much, but the Smallmouth bite in the cribs on small suckers (The Round Lake Special) has been excellent. Drop a sucker down into the cribs on a Lindy Rig on Round Lake and have yourself a ball.


This week will see highs in the mid 30s throughout the week and lows ranging from the mid teens to the high 20s throughout the week. Expect some snow on Friday evening, and overcast for the majority of the week.

Water Level


Water Temp

43-45 Degrees


Well, Winter is almost upon us and this is an initial cold season update! The lakes are nowhere near freezing yet, however, tonight marks the first snow of the season. So it is getting colder for sure. Expect more updates to come in the coming weeks.